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Elisabeth Ward said...

Hi Virginia,

I wanted to talk to you about maybe using an image from your site on a 'Haunted map. Do you have an email address I can contact you on?

Thank you for your time


Virginia Lamkin said...

Which image? Many I use are off Wiki Commons or no longer under a copyright date--open domain etc.. Some are mine. Which one do you want to use?

Virginia Lamkin said...

That photo I found at They present this photo to share in several sizes. They do no provide the name of the photographer. Here is the page

Hope this helps.

Marc Strumpf said...

I just got back from San Antonio where I spent a little time visiting the Alamo... Took some pics that I didnt look at until just now.

Three pictures have ghosts in them....Clearly, unmistakably.

I took them at the rear of the Mission where particularly brutal hand to hand fighting took place
Several figures. One or two men are in a fighting stance. Smokey.. A horse we think. Other figures....... Nothing at all was there floating around when i took them.

Lord have mercy.

Virginia Lamkin said...

Cool! Share one with me and I will publish it on my piece about the Alamo with your name.

john binder said...


Nice job distilling the research Bill Willard and I did on the Inez Clarke/Briggs mystery down to a few paragraphs so that readers could easily sink their teeth into it and get the important facts straight.

John Binder